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About Us

Why Our Church?


At Elevate Miami Church, you’ll find followers of Jesus Christ; not perfect, but sincere! Our mission is to help Miami see God’s glory and blessings as we make every effort to worship Him, walk with God in a way that renews your faith and bless the community God loves.


Q. What to expect as a first time visitor?

A. You will be greeted with a warm welcome from our host at our Information Desk. In addition, you will be given a welcome gift from our family to yours. 

Q. Who is welcome at Elevate?

A. Everyone is. We like to say "No perfect people are allowed." Expect to be accepted and come as you are regardless of where you are in your journey with God.

Q. What is our denomination as a church?

A. We are a Jesus centered non-denominational church, a family of faith filled believers who deeply experience the love, joy and presence of God. 

Q. What should you expect to experience during your visit?

​A. You will be immersed in the word of God, sing, laugh and receive prophetic word.  Expect to encounter the presence of God’s word, His Spirit, and community with His people.

Q. What services are offered for the youth and teens church attendees?

A. Children's Ministry is offered for our youth in Nursery to 5th grade during the both services.  God Squad is offered to our teens in the 6th to 12th grade during 10 am service.  

Q. Are translation services offered?

A. Spanish translation is available during the 10am service. 

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