Grow in The Spirit



Fire Starters is a samplers class to “Get to Know” the prophetic, miracles, impartation, words of knowledge, etc., for yourself and to experience the supernatural.  With heavy activation, it allows individuals to experience the prophetic and actually beginning to walk in it. This class allows people to “taste” and determine if they would like to continue into one of our schools.  It is also a precursor for our prophetic team.


School of the Prophetic is a foundational class that is the basis for learning how to flow in the prophetic. It teaches what Biblical prophecy is for a believer, how to operate prophetically in everyday life, and how to continually walk in that power. This class not only contains a strong Biblical basis, but it also contains heavy application and activation.


Encounter Nights are special nights at Elevate with the sole purpose of worship and ministry at the forefront. Our prophetic team, as well as healing and impartation, are available. These nights focus solely on encountering God through miracles and power.


Deliverance is defined as "a rescue from bondage or danger"- Col. 1:13, I Thes. 1:10, 2 Tim. 4:18, 2 Pet. 2:9.  Our Inner Healing/Sozo/Deliverance ministry focuses on setting the believer free.  We use a methodical process to cut off generational curses and habitual sins. It is the closing of doors to the enemy which includes repentance.  It also is the healing of past traumas that could be allowing the enemy to have a strong hold in the believer's life.


School of Miracles is similar to School of the Prophetic in that it teaches how to walk in power. However, this class also teaches how to be a conduit of miracles. Half of the class is dedicated to learning the Biblical basis for operating in miracles and impartation, while the other half strongly emphasizes activation and practical application.


In Matt. 1:21, the Greek word "sozo" is translated "save," and is synonymous with- save, heal, and deliver.  Our School of Sozo/Deliverance teaches the Biblical basis for the Inner Healing/Sozo/Deliverance Ministry that we do at Elevate.  It is a highly powerful ministry that ministers to the specific needs of the believer.  It focuses on the fundamentals of generational curses, the closing of doors to habitual sins  along with repentance, and setting  people free from past traumas.