Grow Forward



Essentials is our membership class. In this class we show what membership looks like at Elevate, we cover our Statement of Faith, and we give the 5 Keys to Successful Christian Living, known as the Radical 5.


EMT Level-1 is our foundational class for leadership development and is a prerequisite for taking EMT Level-2.  In this class, future ministry leaders learn the basics of why we serve,  how to serve, and the Biblical basis of serving.


Our Cell Group Leader/Host Training class equips individuals to lead or host one of our area-centered cell groups. Attendees will receive a general overview of why we do cell groups, how to do cell groups, and how to be successful at maintaining and growing a cell group.


EMT Level-2 is our secondary leadership development class for those individuals who want to understand Biblically what a leader is, and who want to know Biblically what leadership is. Attendees will also learn what we expect of our leadership at Elevate. This class is a requirement for all ministry leaders and elders.


Visioneering shows people how to developing a vision for their life through a 3 step process. First, it helps people to discover and then develop their innate talents into strengths. Second, it demonstrates the value of setting realistic and achievable goals. Last, it teaches individuals to develop a comprehensive vision map for their life and gives the guidelines on how to move from point A to point B.